Flooring Vaastu tips for your perfect home

One of the first things that you notice while entering a home, apart from the entryway and decor, is the flooring. Elements like the entryway, the ceiling, the furniture, the decor arrangement and the flooring, all come together to make the perfect home and thus, we keep an eye out for these things. While we may not give much credit to the flooring in our house, it does comprise an important part of home decor and Vaastu. It’s often said that choosing the right flooring for your home not only adds to the aesthetic value but also plays a key role in ensuring longevity and financial stability.

For the uninitiated, Vaastu is the ancient science of architecture that has been a part of construction in Indian culture for centuries. It reflects our belief and faith in this science since times immemorial. There are numerous ideas in this discipline that instruct how a certain portion of the house should be. However, we understand that not every diktat can be incorporated. Thus, we have made a list of a few Vaastu tips for flooring and how they could be useful for those planning to buy or redecorate their homes.

Flooring Vaastu Tips For Your Perfect Home

There are many opinions among experts on how to take care of your home flooring according to Vaastu and which floor is best according to Vaastu. Here, we have made a list of a few points which we believe may help you while planning the flooring details of your dream home.

  • According to Vaastu for flooring, there is a list of colours suitable for flooring and are apt for a particular part of the house. For example, it’s stated that the colour of the floor should be light as dark shades are believed to trap negative vibes.
  • While marble is considered to be a positive stone, experts advise that one must refrain from using it in the Ishanya corner of the house. They also recommend wooden flooring in the east, northeast and the north zone of your home.
  • According to experts, one must ensure that floor slabs are evenly cut in regular shape.
  • It is advised that structural defects like cracks on the floor should be avoided. These are Vaastu defects and therefore, must be repaired immediately. If that is not possible, you should cover the floor, using a carpet or a rug. Thus, the broken tiles are not exposed and remain hidden.
  • If one decides to get inlay work done on the floor, they should be careful that it does not cut unevenly at the edges as it may affect financial growth.
  • It is advised that one must avoid gaps in the flooring as it can affect the health of the inmates.
  • Keep the same type and size of materials for flooring the house and its different rooms.
  • Experts advise using tiles in the shades of pink or even red stone, in the south-eastern room of the house (where the kitchen is, as it’s compatible with the fire element.)

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